Hotel 212 Olympos
HOTEL 212 OLYMPOS; is designed in a place that blends into its surrounding nature in 2004 and was completed in 2006,in OLYMPOS, one of the most important cities of the Lycia Civilization with its 3500-year history.

Our concept was to create something authentic at the heart of history and magical geography, to offer an immersive experience in a natural and historical environment.

It also was built with the concept of FENG-SHUI, which means the infinity and darkness of energy, and has remained loyal to this concept ever since.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, ”Hotel 212 Olympos” entered into a new phase which requires a rapid change and took precautionary measures by closing its 7 rooms and renewing its 13 rooms completely and did not neglect to offer an accommodation concept for its guests that creates awareness by evaluating this process in order to create the most unforgettable moments and to be a remarkable place.

Whether you are planning a romantic or adventurous vacation, we are at your disposal to meet all your personal preferences. HOTEL 212 OLYMPOS, which is 1200 meters away from Olympos Beach, one of the first 30 most natural / clean blue flag beaches in the world, has been serving for 12 months with 13 luxurious rooms in a bed and breakfast concept to provide continuous comfort and peace.

Hotel 212 Olympos pave the way of Privacy, Luxury, Comfort and Assurance by offering "a different point of view” to its guests.